D I G I T A L · D E S I G N


Our Digital Design Department was established to contend with the growing demands of the precision and accuracy of fabrication in the construction industry. Having recognized the rapidly changing form in our built environment from orthagonal to organic, WITHWORK has focused on the importance of communication from the design to the fabrication.

WITHWORK has recognized the importance of stream-lining designs from computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, to computer-aided manufacturing not only within the X and Y dimensions, but also within the Z dimension.

Spearheading the Digital Design Department is a team of young designers, architects, and programmers fluent in the computer language. Complex designs are translated into 3-dimensional digital formats with the use of many 3-dimenional softwares and Catia. Through our investment in various computerized tools, WITHWORK is able to import digital models or if required, model the designs from scratch. Using the digital model, we can further analyze, perform engineering calculations, and finally output into manufacturable forms. Our precision of the final product lies in our digital streamlining from initial design to the final output. Manual translation which causes most errors and imprecision is significantly reduced. We are constantly developing new methodology to improve our digital process. WITHWORK is capable of solving and producing challenging designs.

The competitive advantage of WITHWORK is its vertically integrated value engineering, architecture, production, and installation services. Through our efficiency and tenacity in pursuing and carrying out complex projects, we have built a niche for the architectural metals industry. Many architects and general contractors choose WITHWORK for complex and challenging projects involving curtain walls or architectural metal projects requiring customized profiles and schedules for quick tracking.

Taking our digital design approach into another level, guiding our construction crew is a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are digitally trained and equipped with digital field surveying equipments like the Nikon Total Station. We can locate and record surveying points in the field as 3 dimensional digital format. These files can be further downloaded into our software and verified with the product designed to be manufactured. This process can be reversed where some construction, especially non-orthogonal and curved designs need precise positioning in space to determine control points. We are capable of locating coordinates in digital model and pinpointing coordinates in the field. This process is constantly being developed as we acquire more advanced equipments and developed more methodology in the future.